Q: Does God offer us his help?

A: Yes. It is called grace. Grace enables us to live a new life of unselfish love. By it we become adopted sons and daughters of God. It establishes an intimate relationship between God and us. It makes us heirs of the happiness of heaven.


"Both Jew and pagan sinned and forfeited God's glory and both are justified through the free gift of his grace by being redeemed in Christ Jesus who was appointed by God to sacrifice his life so as to win reconciliation through faith"   [Romans 3:24]



Q: How does this grace operate?

A: Christ died for all sinners. Through His death He established a new relationship between God and the human race. Those who believe in Him enter into this new relationship. The state of friendship with God is called grace, because it came as a favor from God through Jesus.

"Through our Lord Jesus Christ, by faith we are judged righteous and at peace with God" [Romans 5:1]





(Reprinted with the permission of
"A Catechism for adults"

by Rev. William J. Cogan

COGAN Productions

Aurora, Illinois)