Q: How to Have a Happy Marriage



A3:    Consider your spouse your treasure.
          Your spouse, if respected and loved, will help you develop into
          an unselfish, caring, socially minded person. Such a person is



A14:  Praise, don't criticize!
          Criticizing your partner's faults or constantly harping on trifles
          soon destroys a happy marriage.
                   "But why dost thou. seek the speck in thy brother's eye, and yet
                    dost not consider the beam in thy own eye? Or how canst thou
                    say to thy brother, 'Let me cast out the speck from thy eye '; and
                    behold, there is a beam in thy own eye?" [Matthew 7:3-4].




(Reprinted with the permission of
"A Catechism for adults"
by Rev. William J. Cogan

COGAN Productions

Aurora, Illinois)