Q: Duties of Parents Toward Their Children

A 2:   To give good example.
          Parents give good example by faithfully observing all their
          religious duties of attending Holy Mass, observing religious
          practices of penance on Fridays and during Lent, by fostering
          prayer, decent speech, respect for God's holy name, honesty,
          chastity, merciful love of neighbor, sobriety. 

                 Parents should remember that children are great imitators, and
                 should be very careful. oj everything they do and say in the
                 presence oj their children.



A12:  To teach them the virtues of honesty, obedience, truthfulness and purity.
           These lessons must be given early and constantly.





(Reprinted with the permission of
"A Catechism for adults"
by Rev. William J. Cogan

COGAN Productions

Aurora, Illinois)